In the heart of Brera, Bosco Brera

Recently opened, Bosco Brera offers a wide variety of cocktails and vegan cuisine in a pleasant and laid-back atmosphere. Their dishes use 100% natural and chemical-free ingredients, and are healthy, tasty and balanced. They�re served with a wide selection of options suitable for people with food intolerances. There’s a tiny shop where customers can purchase products and reproduce the recipes at home.

Bosco Brera´ store sells all the ingredients of its appetisers

The chef recommends:

  • Chickpea bacconcini with rosemary and creamy cod + Ginger Sharbet (vodka, ginger, organic apple cider vinegar with mint and acacia honey)
  • Bosco toast (hummus and crispy seasonal vegetables) + Peach Pit (homemade peach compote syrup with lavender and citrus fruit, shaken with gin)